Take A Note On Types Of Vape Mods And Its Safety Features

Gone off the days where mod stands for modified flashlight. Vaping comes out of its infancy because of rapid technological advancement. The industry is slowing growing up and the range of mods is found to be jaw dropping. It can be really a difficult task to find the perfect choice with thousands of mods available on the market. This guide assists to narrow them down by size, type and performance. The broadest way of categorizing vaporizers is through their electrical design. With different internal design, regulated as well as unregulated mods results in two distinctly different vaping experiences. Being knowledgeable regarding the difference between two kinds of Vape Mods, you can narrow down your search, thereby making a more educated decision.

The great features of vape mods:

A regulated mod is simply a vaporizer, which has a chip. The chip will add tons of features and functionalities to the mod, as it will allow your mod to enclose an LED screen displaying a lot of information. Addition of a LED screen will open up the door for lots of other features, which we enjoy whilst vaping on the regulated mod. Obvious features including variable wattage, customized curve of wattage, temperature control, bypass mode, memory, customized curve of temperature and many more will not be possible devoid of advanced chips included in these devices. Just like microchip, the chip works in your laptop or smart phone with little less complication. The most important thing, which regulated mods of vape bring to our knowledge, is a mass of reliable safety features.

Regulated mods vs unregulated mods:

The safety features offered by regulated mods will minimize the risk of harming whilst vaping. You need to become a special type of stupid in order to screw up this regulated mod. The only thing you have to do is assure that you battery will be the right amperage and of course, the compatibility of your tank. Perhaps, it is a wise idea to look on the best safety practices. However, with features like reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, over discharge protection, over charge protection, temperature protection and over current protection, you have nothing to worry while using regulated Vape Mods. The mechanical or unregulated mods differ greatly from the regulated mods. The major difference that exists between the two is nothing but the power.  Mechanical mods are not recommended if you are not an advanced vapor, being informed on vaping & battery safety. This type of mod will not regulate the battery. In simple words, the battery will give it all for each rip until it gets exhausted. Furthermore, unregulated mods won’t have any features with regards to safety. Usually, they are made of a tube with battery inside or even a box mod in which battery gets sled and certain wires were hooked up to the power button. Also, there is no chip set too. With no chip set, you won’t get any features like temperature control and variable wattage. There is no LED screen to display your wattage and atomizer information. Instead of features, unregulated mods can able to provide more bare bones experience.

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