Burritos& Tacos… and All’s Well in the World

Among all the foods in the world, history of Mexican food has been a long and diverse one. The Mayan Indians are said to be the forefathers of Mexican food. Other than corn tortillas, their palate constituted of the tropical fruits, veggies, fish and wild games such as duck and turkey. In the 1300s through the thriving reign of the Aztec empire chilli peppers, honey, salt and chocolate started getting included in the already-diverse Mexican palate.

Over time various flavours have influenced and modified Mexican dish. And likewise, other menus have found its inspiration from Mexican recipes as well. Dairy products, garlic, wheat and spices are usually the favourite ingredients of a Mexican chef! Even though Mexican food is unequivocally unique in taste, yet the dishes differ from region to region. Think Biryani and its modifications in different states in India!

First thought about any Mexican cuisine is that it’s spicy and heavy, but the truth is that it’s a blissful combination of savoury flavours with a touch of fresh herbs, sauces and vegetables. What makes Mexican food stand out from other cuisines is the use of salsa (Spanish for ‘sauces’), citrus and presence of wheat in most of its recipes. Of course one cannot have Mexican without cheesssee… good amount of cheese!

Burritos, nachos with cheesy dip and tacos are some of the most common recipes thatsprings up in my mind when I think of Mexican food. This combination has been very much popular among movie goers in India, with a bucket of pop-corn of course!Either that, or one can just sit back at home, enjoy watching game with siblings or friends and order food online. Thanks to options like food delivery in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai or any other metro cities, nowadays having Mexican food at your place is not a big deal! One can get hands on experience of food delivery Delhi from some of the famous restaurants there such as TGI Friday’s, Pebble Street, Maquina, La Bodega, so on and so forth.

Contradictory to the popular belief, nachos with cheesy dip isn’t the first thing which one would find in an authentic Mexican restaurant. I could come up with some menu (far more superior) that keeps your date with Mexican food on right track:

Tacos are a quintessential affair, while cooked with veggies, meat or fish, served with salsa and garnished with onions. Quesadilla (Quesa means cheese) seemingly can be an uncomplicated affair, served with cheese, folded in a tortilla. To add to the taste one can put mushrooms, garlic and beans. Fold three to four lightly fried tortillas, toss ‘em with chicken, cheese or veggies and pour some salsa, and you are ready to relish the cheesy and slightly spicy Enchiladas. Tostadas are fried till they are crispy and served with beans, cream, lettuce, avocado and fresh cheese.Masa (dough made from maize flour) mixed with onions and dried Chile pods, stuffed with veggies, wrapped and steamed, and you have crispy mouth-watering Tamales.And one can go on and on!

Life isn’t always all merry… Sometimes it takes you through lows too. If I were you I would simply shun myself from all those noises in my head, sit back and have an evening date with my cheese and tortillas!!! Go Mexico!

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