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When it comes to your training of course it matters which gyms in London day pass you use and how often you swipe it. But you’re probably overlooking something critical. Don’t worry, most people do. What is this magic ingredient you ask? Well, that’s simple, it’s your diet.

Even if you’re a keen gym-goer, and attend 4 times per week for a good 2 hour session, that’s only 8 hours! There are 160 other hours when you’re not in the gym in every week! During those 160 hours, you’ll eat, sleep and work no doubt, as well as other things, but think of the difference in impact. However many calories you burn in the gym, it’ll be easy to consume them again during the week. However hard you push yourself, you can undo all of that hard work far too easily. It’s time to stop separating the gym from the day. Instead you need to combine it into one overall health and fitness package – called your lifestyle. Once you acknowledge that every element is critical to achieving your fitness goals, you’ll be much more likely to attain them. So here we’ll look at training from a different angle altogether as we consider how you should be eating to train. Read on for great tips and advice.


You’ll know that if you just keep driving the petrol light will go on in the car. Well your body doesn’t have a light, and far too many people ignore the need to fuel themselves properly. No professional athlete would train on an empty tank, so neither should you. Nutrition is key to pushing your body further and hitting your health and fitness targets. This is key for both food and hydration. Never forget the liquids!


Why do you think they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Because it is. Skipping breakfast often leads to overeating the rest of the day. You may not feel like a morning person, but be sure that you take in a good source of carbohydrates, to ensure that your blood sugars stay stable, and some protein if possible. Set yourself up right for the day ahead.


You may interpret thirst as hunger and eat. Many make this mistake. The best way to avoid it is to ensure that you take plenty of water. Remember that if you are training you’ll need more than the recommended daily intake for a sedentary person!


It’s called junk food for a reason, remember that. Also, why do you think they call them beer bellies? Whilst nobody is suggesting that you be monastic in your approach, consider junk food as a treat rather than the norm and you’ll soon see positive change. Restricting yourself too much though can be equally bad for you, as you’ll come to see meals as a punishment rather than as fuel. Moreover, eating too few calories can have a negative effect on your training and weight loss. Less is not always more! Food is to be enjoyed, and you can enjoy all of it in moderation.


Fixing yourself a meal when you’re hungry can be disastrous. Your choices will probably be poor and you’ll choose ease over nutrition. Making a plan, and using shopping lists will help you manage your intake much better. Some of you may benefit from preparing meals in advance for the week, but at the very least, have an idea what you’ll eat tomorrow. A little time spent planning will save time and bad decisions later!


Diets come and go, but healthy eating has always been based around the same basic principles. You should not cut out complex carbs, they are your fuel. You need a good source of clean protein to maintain and build your muscles. Fat too is important, but the right kind – think unsaturated. Your body needs all elements to fully function.

Pre And Post

When it comes to training and food, think both pre and post-workout intake. You need the right fuel to get you through the session, and afterwards the right food to help your recovery. Think carbs prior to the gym and then protein after a heavy session to rebuild those worked muscles.

Whether you’re someone who is keen on maintaining a high level of fitness, or someone who wants to improve their lifestyle, these tips will help everyone. Your diet is key to your training and your training is key to your fitness. Start to look at food differently, learn about it, enjoy it and use it to your advantage. It’s time that you started thinking more about eating to train. Enjoy!

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