Slate Placemat

Slate Placemat

How to make a slate placemat at home

Today, almost everyone are more attentive to details and trends; whether it’s about dressing yourself up or dressing your home up. From clothes to furniture, every object, from the carpet to the curtains, the knickknacks or your table setting, everything deserves careful styling and fashion. That’s why even the placemats have become an opportunity to revive an atmosphere; despite a bit eccentric, but always in parallel with the latest trends. Among various other options to decorate your table with placemats, slate is quite a modern and one of the latest trend to set your table with an interesting addition.

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For all the people deeply concerned about every single part of their furniture, table-setting is also an important thing, so placemats become an essential to-have for them. Slate placemats stand to be an extraordinary thing. They are available in a huge variety in the market, but there are people so creative who like to make these things at home. So for them we have come up with a brief guide to show them step by step, how to achieve the magnificent and original personalized slate placemats. Just give a little vent to the imagination in order to create one without giving up the latest fashions. Let’s get to work!

Before heading to start the work, make sure all the tasks needed to be done are arranged outside and never indoors. Why? Because slate chips and rocks dust will be dealt with while making slate placemats so they can possibly be a headache for you if you get it done indoors.

The first step to do when you have made all the arrangement and gathered all the needed stuff, is to choose the size of the placemat that goes parallel to that of your dining table’s. Buying new tiles from the market to make the slates would be good but if you are on low budget then using some old tiles to get the job done will also be better option; but one thing has to be made sure that old tiles should be in such condition to be used as placemats. They need to be cleaned with a proper cleaner and dried before using them. Slateplacemat

The next step after cleaning and drying is to cut off the edges of the tiles with a cutter, if needed, then use a stone filer to get them smoother. You can choose the shape of your choice; better keep the one that look decent and trendy. Thickness of the slate should also be adequate and not so over thick; as over-thickness will make it look indecent.

Now it’s the final stage where you have to put the final touches to your placemat. For covering up your mat, use a nonabsorbent material that prevents your mat to absorb the liquids. The covering must be done in a go so be careful to keep it even and let it dry up to 15 min afterwards.

Your placemat is ready to roll. Get it set on your table and make sure to clean it on a regular basis so you don’t have to deal with heavy cleanings.

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