Tips and Tricks to Get More Views & Likes on YouTube

A common problem encountered with people who post content on YouTube is that they fail to receive the target number of views and likes on their channel. No matter how much they promote their channel on other social media connectivity apps, they just fail to attract people to their channel, and make them view their videos. But, sometimes the secret of more popularity lies in little tips and tricks. Following them might gain you more views and likes in less time.

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Title Tells It All

You have made a very interesting video, have added some valuable information in it, and have used some of the best video making and transitioning effects, but the title doesn’t tell anything. Trust me, no one will consider even clicking on the link. Think of a catchy and interesting title to give to your videos, which is brief but complete, and intrigues the interest of the potential audience.

Use Description Box

Make full use of the description box provided to you. There are three important things to include in your description.

• The Keyword Phrase ( It should be placed at the very beginning of the description)
• The URL of your site (where you want to direct the people who view the videos)
• One or two precise but complete sentences telling viewers what your video is about.

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Use Ideal Thumbnail

When the search results are displayed on YouTube, the video comes up with an image beside it. Choose the thumbnail to attract more people. It should be unique and different, but related to your content. A wise selection of thumbnail can boost up your content’s likes and views in a very short time. One can also add a short text along with thumbnail to magnify the effect.

Purchase Likes and Followers

Perhaps one of the easiest tricks to increase your likes and followers on YouTube is to actually purchase them. Although it requires some investment, buying likes and views boost the popularity like nothing else. Content with more number of subscribers is likely to make their way to top charts and be viewed by more people. In other words, it is a source of direct promotion of your content.

Promote Channel on the Blog

If you have an official blog or the website, make sure you add a widget to direct the viewers on your YouTube channel. It is true that many people visit the blog, but might not know about your YouTube content.

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Allow People to Promote Your Content

In your settings, check the setting of “Allow by default” to allow the viewers to like and view the videos and also share them to their own blogs or social media profiles. This will gain you viewers who do not know about your YouTube channel, from other social media connectivity platforms as well.

Use Watermark

With the help of any video editing software, you can easily add a watermark of your blog’ address, to any video you upload. It boosts up the rate of subscribers.
Following these tips will help you to get more YouTube views very easily.