Sound Cloud Plays

Sound Cloud Plays

What Is Soundcloud & How Does It Work?

Social networks have many utilities. They give you the opportunity to stay in close contact with friends via Snapchat pictures from your relatives in other countries or cities with Facebook, watch original videos on sites like YouTube and listen to songs on sites like Spotify. But what choice have those creative people who are dedicated to recording music in a personal way with a group or band, but do not have the backing of a record company or a multinational label? The answer to it is SoundCloud and here you will learn what it is and how it works.

SoundCloud is a distribution platform for music and audio files online. With it, users can upload, record, promote and share their sounds, which were originally created. Thus, SoundCloud is not a service for sharing MP3 or songs from famous artists, but serves other people around the world listen to and share the songs that you yourself have created. SoundCloud can be translated as ‘cloud of sounds’ because that’s how your service sounds that are stored in a ‘cloud’ or external server.

SoundCloud Plays

It is an easy to use platform. To start up your music files, first thing to do is create an account and get your profile. Then, your profile will have a URL or web address that you can share with your friends so that they too hear your songs. It will be like your own music profile on SoundCloud. As a professional, to promote your works, you can also buy SoundCloud plays.

To create an account you can follow the traditional method of creating a username, password, and then complete your details. But there are simpler alternatives such as using your data and your account on Facebook or Google+ for easier access to the site and all its functions.

Sound files uploaded to SoundCloud can be embedded anywhere on website and they can be combined with the use of Twitter and Facebook, allowing them to be reached by more people and for members to better reach their audience.

In SoundCloud users can create and join groups, which provide a common space to share songs and sounds under one style or theme. So if what you like is Pop music, you can access a group of this style to discover new artists performing this music and not have to search another musical style that you are not interested.

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Registered users on this site can listen to as many songs as they want, and can go up to 180 minutes of audio to their profile. Best of all, these features are free and available to all SoundCloud users just to create a profile.

An interesting feature of SoundCloud is the audio files represented by graphic clues on the web and users can leave comments at certain times of these tracks, so that creators know what they were thinking at the time. In SoundCloud, you can also create playlists, listen to simply all those songs that you like.

Remember, no matter if you are not a creator or musician. You can still use SoundCloud to discover new artists, listen to music or just experiment on new sites that you may still not know. Also, if you have a blog on SoundCloud, you may serve to give you original content to it, because your followers will appreciate listening to a new song or you share with them something that they may not know. This way, you’ll give them to see more of your personality and tastes.

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