5 Things to Know about Buying Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is similar to human urine in composition, chemical properties and also in appearance. Only difference is that it is synthesized artificially. It is a pre-mixed liquid that is created in laboratories to calibrate drug testing equipment. Its main use is to pass drug urine test. It contains organic and inorganic compounds just like human urine.

1 – Composition of Synthetic Urine

It is mainly composed of 91-96% of water and rest is composed of organic compounds like uric acid, urea, creatinine (hydrated form of creatine) and inorganic compounds that are ammonia phosphates, sulphates, chlorides and ammonia. Its pH is also same as of humans.

However synthetic urine does not have any fix and precise formula. Its composition vary with manufacturer.
It can have some extra components too. It may contain preservatives hormones (estrogen or testosterone), coloring agents such as yellow dyes, vitamin B etc.

While synthetic urine is being manufactured, four parameters should be kept in mind, which are following;

•    Temperature
•    Color
•    pH level
•    Creatinine level

2 – Purpose of Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine was manufactured because human urine cannot be taken as a standard for different scientific purposes because every person has different and unique urine composition because of different genetic make-up.

3 – Uses of Synthetic Urine

This liquid is used for different purposes like testing diapers, urine therapy, but it’s most basic application is drug tests.

Most laboratories in world does not perform genetic analysis on samples and therefore they cannot use human urine for drug test.

4 – Drug Test

Approximately, two ounces of urine are necessary for urinalysis and each product of synthetic urine contains it. pH and specific gravity are main characteristic of urine. If specific gravity and pH level differ from normal specimen will be rejected. However artificial urine provides a stable and balanced pH and specific gravity which gives required result for any drug test for any individual.

Before commencement of process, its temperature should be suitable. For this purpose it has to be placed in oven for about 10 seconds. This will heat it up to 90 or 100 degree. It is necessary to keep temperature of urine equal to body temperature. If any of urine sample is too cold or too hot, it will be discarded and person will be considered cheater and test will be cancelled. One way of keeping urine at right temperature is to keep heating pad attached with small bottle of fake urine.

To avoid any fraud, person can also be physically evaluated before test. Synthetic urine is kept in small containers so it can be carried to cautious area of body. Some people use synthetic urine with disposable plastic penis, which cover a syringe like squeeze bottle that contains urine for those that are supervised during a drug test.

5 – Types of Urine Test for Marijuana

There are two ways to test urine for marijuana. One is Immunoassay and other is Gas chromatography. Both methods have their own pro and cons and one can use the method according to his/her need. I suggest you to visit exit-5 if you want a reliable product for synthetic urine.