What are Maintenance Points to Keep Your Frederique Constant Intact?

When you buy a Frederique Constant watch, it is essential to find about its maintenance because maintenance is necessary to maintain its look, accuracy and longevity. This can be performed by reading the watch manual that comes with your watch as this will be your most valuable resource. Below are some general tips in caring for your watch.

Watch Case

Wipe with a lint-free microfiber cloth and use a toothpick to extract dirt from crevices. Water-resistant watches can be wiped with warm water and mild soap then dried with a cloth. If you have worn your watch in salty or chlorinated water then rinse the watch in fresh water afterward and dry with a cloth. Wipe your watch with the cloth after heavy perspiration.


Be careful to not throw your Frederique Constant watch onto hard surfaces such as drawers, countertops and dressers. Not even scratch-resistant crystals are 100% scratch proof. Wrap it in a soft cloth or place into its original watch case after taking it off. If your watch crystal becomes scratched, replace it immediately as even hairline cracks can allow moisture and dust in to the internal mechanisms that affect its accuracy.

Metal Bracelets

These can be washed in warm water with mild soap. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to extract dirt and grime. Dry with a soft cloth.

Leather Straps

Avoid excess contact with water and if your Frederique Constant watch becomes wet, wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Wear leather straps loosely in hot weather to avoid absorption of perspiration. Store them in well-ventilated areas.


Automatic Frederique Constant watches are wound by the kinetic movement of your wrist and if not worn for several days will require manual winding. If you do not wear your watch daily, wind the watch twice per week at the same time of day. This will keep it running approximately 40 hours.

Many Frederique Constant watch owners switch between one or more automatic watches. If this is the case consider a watch winder that can hold several timepieces to keep your automatic watches properly wound. Higher-end watch winders have a ‘turn and rest’ program which simulates the start and stopping of the natural daily activity.

Professional Maintenance Service

It is always a good idea to bring your Frederique Constant watch in for professional service every so often for internal cleaning, oiling and precise sizing. If you notice your watch is running slow, fast, contains moisture or anything else that deviates from its original condition, take it to a professional as soon as possible.

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